J.HINOS is a noted Post-modern abstract, Environmental artist that lives and works in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Chicago and transplanted himself along with one hundred framed and unframed pieces to the Los Feliz/Silverlake area, a hip and trendy area of L.A. He began displaying his compositions at The Living Museum LA in Los Feliz and garnered attention from local celebrities who also reside there.

His works have been prominently displayed in galleries and major private collections, including celebrities, and particularly in his native Chicago and throughout his current home state of California. He is the nephew and disciple of the major American cubist artist Thomas Kapsalis of the Art Institute of Chicago. HINOS is best known for his drip-style method of painting where the brush never touches the canvas while he manipulates the flow of the paint from above, resulting in works that continue to show fluid movement of the paint on the finished canvas. He implements recycled objects into his mixed media work helping the excessive waste of our environment. He is the founding member of the art movement "The Opposablists": Opposablism.

The movement is not dependent on style but rather an opposition to commercial art and "system art", and any profit is given back to the surrounding community, charity, and environmental awareness. Opposablism first took its main idea from the "opposable thumb man vs primate differences, because Hinos paints without brushes and imagines himself as a primate when creating his art." Opposable Art developed into something more beyond its hyper-primitivism roots to include opposition to mainstream art and the art business. Hinos delves into this subject into more detail in his manifesto.

After all is said and done he realized he had to eat like all humans, so giving away all profit proved nearly futile. Adjusting his manifesto with a clause that must allow the artist to benifit from residual profit and or a savings account for future works, advertising, the cost of materials and living expenses. He wanted to compare his movement to that of a monk that lives for the sole purpose of praying and serving god. In this case "the god", so to speak is Art and the artist must worship it by continuing to work daily and or studying the works of other artists from a technical and historical basis.

J.Hinos is currently represented at Dolphin and Hawk Gallery and D+H Contemporary which was opened for the sole purpose to raise funding for the environment through art sales


"J.Hinos is an uncompromising artist that uses a varied amount of techniques to achieve his paintings and sculpture. He founded the art movement called Opposablism, to oppose the commercialization of art by giving back profit to environmental causes.

Opposablist arts genesis of thought came to fruition when Hinos was using palm tree leaves to apply his art. He says it was more than a physical style that he founded but one of "primitive transcendism". To feel as one is immobile and having the lack of an opposable thumb. Not handicapped, but more that of becoming and feeling like a primate. Stripping away technique for the purpose of technique, living frenetically, and applying paint in a way that is un-humanlike.

Opposable means anything that goes against something so the idea was formed to oppose art sales for the sole purpose of making money. Art needed to go back to what is what to be for the artist.

Not necessarily just aesthetic appeal but a deep meaning for the artist. Whether it is therapeutic or an outward desire the artist has his or her reason for painting.

In Hinos' manifesto he declares that art for the sole purpose of being a commodity is a hazard and a detriment to society. Sure people can collect art he says, but it should be first and foremost because they like the art not because it will make them money down the line. Larry Gagosian for instance collects and represents artists and the art pieces he likes. He says he wouldn't do it any other way."