J.Hinos bio

J.HINOS is a noted Post-modern abstract, Environmental artist, currently based in the San Diego/La Jolla area. His works have been prominently displayed in galleries and major private collections, including celebrities, and particularly in his native Chicago and throughout his current home state of California. He is the nephew and disciple of the major American cubist artist Thomas Kapsalis of the Art Institute of Chicago. HINOS is best known for his drip-style method of painting where the brush never touches the canvas while he manipulates the flow of the paint from above, resulting in works that continue to show fluid movement of the paint on the finished canvas. He implements recycled objects into his mixed media work helping the excessive waste of our environment. He is the founding member of the art movement "The Opposablists": Opposablism. The movement is not dependent on style but rather an opposition to commercial art and "system art", and any profit is given back to the surrounding community, charity, and environmental awareness. Opposablism first took its main idea from the "opposable thumb man vs primate differences, because Hinos paints without brushes and imagines himself as a primate when creating his art." Opposable Art developed into something more beyond its hyper-primitivism roots to include opposition to mainstream art and the art business. J.Hinos is currently represented at Dolphin and Hawk Fine Art Gallery which was opened for the sole purpose to raise funding for the environment through art sales.

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